Cloud Player Server

Cloud Player Server

Create your own minigames server.

Start every game with your friends or create new experiences. Your server, your friends, your rules.

Experience all functions.

All games Get access to all games. No server change and no delay.

All maps. Choose a game with a map of your choice. There are no restrictions.

All kits. Each Kit1 is available for selection.

Prestige kits. All of your purchased kits can also be made available to your fellow players.

No interruptions. Switch between every game and map within milliseconds - no server change.

Play rotations. Create your own rotation from all games. Rotate randomly or in the order added - you decide.

Play rotation templates. Load pre-made rotations (e.g. Cloud Arcade).

Moderation. Remove games from your server or use the /bc [Message] command for announcements.

Votes. Create an automatic poll and let everyone participate. Find out which game you want.

Co-host. Select other players to access all games, game rotations and moderation.

Settings adjustments. Determine about the automatic start of the game, absent players, team allocation, ... and much more.

Adjust number of players. Reduce the number of players to determine the appropriate server size.

Adjust status. Decide whether the server is private or public.

Adjust access. Activate a guest list and decide who can join.

Cosmetics. Everyone has full access to all cosmetic content.

CUSTOS: Profanity Filter. Text-based content from players is analyzed in real time to ensure friendly communication.

CUSTOS: Cheat Detection. The specially developed and deeply integrated cheat detection system protects every cloud player server and every game flow.

CUSTOS: Decision Making. Get quick and targeted decisions so that hesitation doesn't endanger the fun of the game.


Frequently asked questions

  • No. Only kits purchased through clouds can be made available to all other players by the owner.

  • Yes. Every game and every map is available. You can even choose from the games of the brawl, which are only available for a limited time.

  • No. Every game can be changed without delay. Every player stays on the server.

  • No. Only moderation privileges can be granted, whereby some settings (eg bans, game changes, ...) are made accessible. Note that the server must be used by the owner. The server is not passed on here allowed.

  • Very simple. Use the command /server [name] -1 for this to work, you must be on the guest list of the server or it must be deactivated.

  • To do this, open the server settings and activate the option: Prestige Kits. Note that only the kits purchased by the owner are included. Kits from achievements or via privileges are not counted.

  • The requirements for kits on the Cloud Player Server are the same as on all other servers. Prestige kits are deactivated by default, this must be activated by the owner. Note that only kits purchased with clouds work as Prestige kits.

  • No. Players with co-hosts only have access to game selection, rotation and moderation. In addition, games can be started and stopped by co-hosts.

  • No. Statistics, achievements and rewards are not available on Cloud Player Server.

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