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Welcome to CloudMC

Experience a free and future-oriented gaming experience on a completely self-developed Minecraft network. Help shape games - there are no limits.


Interaction functions.

Experience the most varied gaming experience with kits and perks. Use the option in most games to choose a kit to enjoy a different experience with each round. Many kits have unique perks that represent impressive abilities.

Cloud Kits

More than just equipment.

Each kit has special equipment and stands out visually so that nobody is in the dark. Our kits focus on unique abilities rather than items.

Cloud Perks

Unique skills.

Skills give additional functions. Jump in line of sight, throw weapons or unleash a storm of arrows.

Cloud Maps

Own, purposefully developed.

All maps were designed and implemented by us for the respective games. Every game deserves the most attention.

Combat system

Completely own combat system.

Experience the well-known combat system of versions 1.7 & 1.8 on the latest version. We rely on a completely separate combat system (no simple configuration adjustment) with many other functions that have always been missing. In addition, this system is directly connected to our AntiCheat (CUSTOS).

Real time game security system


Experience the highest standards in all areas through seamless and direct integration.

CUSTOS: Profanity Filter. Text-based content from players is analyzed in real time to ensure friendly communication.

CUSTOS: Cheat Detection. The specially developed and deeply integrated cheat detection system protects every cloud player server and every game flow.1

CUSTOS: Decision Making.2 Receive quick and targeted decisions so that hesitation does not endanger the fun of the game.

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