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Fun is always the focus.

Get what you deserve. No currency can be purchased with real money. Nobody has an advantage.


Clouds . Clouds are used to unlock kits in every game.


Aerosol . Aerosol is used to create cosmetic content.


. Experience is used to increase kits and global level.


Strengthen your balance.

Get your starting credit of 15,000 clouds now. More rewards await every day. There are also countless adventures with a wide variety of rewards available.

Daily Vote
+200 +200

Daily Visit


As you play, your level will gradually increase, unlocking new opportunities.

Victories and defeats.

With the command /stats you get an overview of all statistics. Use /stats [player name] to view another playe's stats. With /prefs you can determine yourself whether your statistics can be viewed.


Unlock new content.

Achieve achievements in every game. There are plenty of clouds to reward. Unlock every achievement in each game and also get access to exclusive kits. After each game you will get an overview of your goal progress.


Gather experience.

Collect progress for your global level and kit level with each game. Progress can also be made in additional areas such as the ruler above the clouds.


Rewards after every game.

With every game there is a chance of loot. You just have to play and in the end it will be revealed when loot is found.

Master above the clouds

Collect clouds in every game and increase the level of rulers above the clouds. Each level increases the clouds at the end of the game by 25%. Reach up to 300% more clouds.


Get more out of aerosol.

You can get more out. Get a rank or booster and earn more aerosol for yourself and others.

Influence of the wind

Earn a rank and get up to 300% more aerosol after each game end.

Static charge

Purchase a booster and grant 100% more aerosol for each game in one game mode after each game end.


Interaction functions.


Stay in touch.

Manage your friends with the /friend command. Add new friends directly with the /friend [player name] command or easily remove old friendships with the /unfriend [player name] command.


Play together.

Create and fill a party with /party [player name] and share the fun. Use @ before a message to write at the party. Groups are taken into account when choosing a team.


Communicate privately.

You can write a private message to any player on your server. Use /msg [player name] [message] to write to someone. Friends can receive messages across servers. Send and receive over the entire network.



Customize your experience on the network with the /prefs command. So you can e.g. just block private messages or party requests. These settings are not lost.


Defuse interference.

Ignore players disrupting players with the command /ignore [player name].


No detours.

Use the /staff [message] command to send a message directly to moderators on the same server and get a direct message back as a response.

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