Over the course of time we have added new games to the arcade over and over again; to date 15 full games with our own maps, kits and achievements. This time we have another special game: Gladiators In this game we want to incorporate a classic duel game into the structure of the arcade. Gladiators throws up to 16 players in a one-on-one fight and equip each player with new equipment for each fight won. Everyone can try out new weapons, such as the crossbow .

Gladiators and the combat system

Gladiators themselves are not just supposed to be "a game " - we want to give everyone the opportunity to test our own combat system, many players are of that Version 1.9 and newer combat system deterred Our combat system has been developed over the years and has its models in versions 1.7 and 1.8 - no annoying cooldowns, particles, ... convince yourself!

More Arc Goodbye updates are already in the planning and will find their way to you soon.


"Slender has been behind his genre for years. There is a big focus on navigation. With the new interactive map we want to improve the orientations and agreements. Now see all players in real time on your map. Become an eliminated player marked with an "X ". If an eye is collected, an Ender transit opens - this appears as a banner on each map. "
- Entwickerkommentar

  • Interactive maps added.
  • Resuscitation Potion : The number has been reduced from 4 to 2.


"Quake has received a revision of the particles because the long dwell time with many players has led to confusion. We have replaced the old particles with new colored particles with a short dwell time. In addition, the strength of the impact is reduced with a new destruction effect the block surface. Together with the "passing noise", the dangerous pulse energies should be perceived more intensely. "
- Entwickerkommentar

  • Particles have been revised.


"Pathfinder generates the platforms using a learning algorithm. This calculates the running time using various options so that the platform can always be reached. It was often very easy to reach the tenth platform - this is now becoming a more exciting race."
- Entwickerkommentar

  • Platform generation difficulty increased.

One in the Chamber

  • New map: Glades


  • New map: Palatial


  • New map: Tilt


  • New map: bars
  • Every kit regenerates apples.